Builder (Hard) Gel (Distance)

Qualification: Diploma
Prerequisites: N/A
Locations: UK / International
Price: £225.60
Deposit Option: N/A
Duration: Distance Learning
Class Size: Distance Learning
Kit: Details in pack
Description: Learn how to build nails which have the strength of acrylic but the look of a gel! Yes that's right, in this course you can learn how to create beautiful nails which look natural but last - it's easy and we will show you how

This course is a must if you want to achieve nails which have the strength of acrylic but the look of a gel. If you want to In this course, you will learn how to apply the hard gel, understand what a smile line is and how to apply one as well as how you can build the strength of the nail to ensure long-lasting wear. Learn how to repair broken nails, create forever french, right through to transforming problematic nail types! Feel salon ready and confident enough to tackle even the most difficult of nails!

What's the difference between soak off and builder gels?

Builder gel can not be soaked off like your standard gel extensions and instead must buffed off using a file. This is because hard gel is non-porous and will not be removed using acetone.

We will also show you how to maintain the nails including infilling and rebalancing as well as the safe removals and aftercare advice."

  • Module 1: Foundation
    • In this module are the following Units, a description of each unit is below:

      Personal Standards and Practice
      In this unit you will learn the importance of personal standards and what is expected of you as a professional working within the industry.
      In this unit you will learn the basic hygiene rules to be followed, how to prevent cross infection and contamination, what sanitisation and sterilisation is and what methods to use as well as a contagious skin condition.
      Effective Communication with Clients
      In this unit you will learn about customer and client care, how to build relationships with clients, how to effectively communicate with clients and deal with client dissatisfaction. We will also cover client consultation which is an important aspect for all professionals.
      Business Promotion
      In this unit you will be provided with business ideas, how to price treatments as well as how to work within a salon and as a self-employed therapist.
      Preparation of the Work Area
      In this unit you will learn how to create a comfortable and professional work area covering the four basic principles.
      Health & Safety Legislations
      In this unit you will learn how to take care of all in the workplace as well as the latest health and safety legislations to ensure you are working in compliance and safely.
      In this unit you will learn the importance of insurance and how to gain it, disposal of waste and data protection act.
      Being effective at Work
      In this unit you will learn job roles, responsibilities and working relationships as well as communication, effective teamwork and development within job roles
      Promoting Products & Services
      In this unit you will learn the importance of retail sales, positive product promotion and sales techniques
      Retail Specific Legislation
      In this unit you will learn all the current legislations specific to retail, product promotion and gaining client feedback
      Reception Duties
      In this unit you will learn the importance of maintaining the reception area, the roles of a receptionist as well as patch testing
      Taking Payments & Methods
      In this unit you will learn how to deal with different payment methods and taking payments from clients

    • Detailed Foundation eBook
    • 12 Module Videos
  • Module 2: Anatomy and Physiology - Nails
    • In this module are the following Units, a description of each unit is below:

      Structure of the Nail
      In this unit you will learn the factors which effect the nail growth (internal and external) as well as the structure of the nail itself and the function of each.
      Bones & the Muscular System
      In this unit you will learn the main bones in the hand and lower arm, the muscular system (including the main muscles of the hand and arm) and the bloody supply to the hand and arm
      Skin Types & Skin Structure
      In this unit you will learn the main skin types, the functions of the skin, the structure of the skin and the functions of each layer.
      The Lymphatic System
      In this unit you will learn what Lymph is and how it is formed, the connection between blood and Lymph as well as the difference between Lymph Capillaries-Vessels and Nodes.

    • Detailed Anatomy and Physiology - Nails eBook
    • 4 Module Videos
  • Module 3: Nail and Skin Healthcare
    • In this module are the following Units, a description of each unit is below:

      Skin Diseases / Disorders
      In this unit you will learn the five most common skin diseases and disorders, as well as what a contra-indication, is.
      Nail Diseases
      In this unit you will learn the six most common nail diseases and be able to confidently identify them.
      Nail Disorders
      In this unit you will learn the twelve most common nail disorders and be able to confidently identify them.

    • Detailed Nail and Skin Healthcare eBook
    • 3 Module Videos
  • Module 4: Tip Application
    • In this module are the following Units, a description of each unit is below:

      Preparation & Products
      In this unit you will learn consultation techniques, different types & sizes of nail tips, what each nail file is as well as the structure of a nail tip.
      Tip Application
      In this unit you will learn what pre-tailoring is and how to go about it, the correct use of tip cutters, how to blend professionally, how to create the most popular nail shapes finishing with the tip application procedure

    • Detailed Tip Application eBook
    • 6 Module Videos
  • Module 5: Hard Gel
    • In this module are the following Units, a description of each unit is below:

      Introduction to Hard UV Gel
      In this unit you will learn what hard gel is, when it should be used as well as the difference between this and other gels
      Hard Gel Application
      In this unit you will learn the correct application of hard gels
      Infill and Rebalance
      In this unit you will learn how to maintain your hard gels including how to safely infill and rebalance
      Removals and Aftercare
      In this unit you will learn how to safely remove the hard gel and what aftercare advise to offer your clients

    • Detailed Hard Gel eBook
    • 4 Module Videos



What is the difference between distance learning, live courses and face 2 face?

Live courses are completed by using a mixture of online material through our portal and a live practical webinar with one of our highly skilled tutors. With a maximum of 6 people during the session, we'll be using zoom as a conferencing tool to perform the virtual webinar.

Distance Learning you will be provided online access to our online portal, here you will have access to training video's, pdf and assessments but you will NOT have the live tutor session.  The entire course is completed online. 

Face to Face you will attend one of your training schools in the south-east for your practical day - click here to see our face to face courses

Which training method is right for me?

This entirely depends on your situation. We offer three methods as a company:

  1. Face to Face in one of our beauty schools (click here to see our face to face courses)
  2. Distance learning
  3. Live Courses 

All with their own pros and cons, but as a company, we feel we need to offer our customers the flexibility of all three.  

* NVQ upgrades not available through a virtual platform, you can upgrade and complete your home study but will need to attend class-based assessments when the school reopens

What’s the difference between a diploma and an NVQ/VRQ qualification?

The really depends on what you're looking to do, if you're looking to treat friends, go mobile or run your business from home then we’d recommend a diploma by the Beauty Guild. However, if you were looking to work in a Salon or Spa most would require you to have an NVQ/VRQ qualification.

If you decide on the NVQ/VRQ qualification you'll also be required to attend an additional day for assessment, further to this you'll automatically receive a diploma qualification. More information will be given to you during your practical day at the School. Assessments are only available at Kent or Essex.

The upgrade will cost £158 per treatment for example Manicure £158 Pedicure £158. Cost for other upgrades £220 each for Full Body Massage, Microdermabrasion, Reflexology Eyelash Extensions, Epilation and Facial/Body Electrotherapy, and is available during checkout. NO VRQ Upgrade available for Lash Lifting/ Quick Dip Acrylic/ Defined Brows/Brow Lamination.

If you decide to upgrade to VRQ/NVQ (VTCT is the name of the awarding Body)
Once you have completed the Diploma day you will be required to complete the following as *home study:
- Practice Diary to help build technique, confidence and timings
- Case Studies to put together consultations, service and aftercare with assessment paperwork
- Assignment to demonstrate knowledge understanding
During this time you will have access you all documents online and contact details for our NVQ Coordinator and Education Manager for any questions you may have.
Once all of the above has been completed, you would return to the school to complete your assessments and written exams.
*Home study may take 2-8 weeks depending on your time available to complete content.

Can I upgrade my diploma to an NVQ at a later date?

Yes, you’ll have the option to do this. You’ll have to pay the additional fee (see above) for the upgrade, and we’ll then provide you with all the additional material for your NVQ qualification. We’ll then schedule your assessment day at the school. 

Can I get insurance with my Diploma certificate?

Most insurance companies will insure you with a Diploma or NVQ certificate.  Our specialist insurance scheme through Salonsafe& ABT provides tailored cover for our qualified students. The insurance allows our students to gain cover to work on the public, with treatment risk included as standard. Please click here for further information.   

What if I cancel my course, will I get a refund?

Distance: No refunds are possible once payment completed.

Live: It will depend on the circumstances surrounding the cancellation and the notice given(see T&C for more details). In the instance that a refund is requested due to illness, medical notification will be required. Unfortunately, we are unable to give a refund if the online theory has been accessed/completed.

How many students are there in a class?

We believe in keeping virtual class sizes small, so students have more one 2 one time with our tutors. Our normal class size is 4 to 8.

Is the Course accredited?

Our courses are approved and accredited ABT (Distance learnng), VTCT (VRQ), or UKBA (UK Beauty accreditation). This will enable you to obtain liability insurance from various insurance companies, including our specialist insurance partner - Salonsafe.  Please click here for further information.   

When will I get my certificate?

Distance learning will achieve there certificate on successful completion of all modules

Live: - Online theory must be completed and students must meet the standards required for practical delivery by UK Beauty Schools before diploma eCertificates can be issued. If standards are not met you will be offered 1 free retake or you may be asked to provide case study videos.  if more training required after this it would be chargeable. NVQ certificates are issued by the awarding body. Diploma eCertificates will be emailed by Head Office within 7 days after the course. If you cannot see in your inbox please check your spam folder. Hard copies can be purchased for £10.00.


What are your terms of price match guarantee?

Please read our Price Guarantee Terms & Conditions, they can be found here.

Do you offer finance on your courses?

Yes, please visit our 0% finance page.  Click here.


0% Finance now available to our students

We have partnered with PayPal and Ideal4Finance allowing us to offer finance on course(s).

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